The Riviera

For families that love to swim together. Child-friendly and designed to suit both traditional and modern architecture, the Riviera range is full-on for family fun.

Some shapes in this range may differ from the 3D design shown.


11.8 11.85m  4.2m  1.13m 1.98m 
10.6 10.6m  4.2m  1.13m 1.89m 
9.4 9.4m  4.2m  1.13m 1.77m 
8.6 8.67m  4.2m  1.13m  1.70m 
7.5 7.57m  3.9m  1.12m  1.64m 
7.0 7.0m 3.4m 1.12m 1.61m


The ultimate family pool. The classically styled Riviera fibreglass swimming pool is ideal for a family that loves to swim. With entry steps and safety ledge, it’s safe for children and adults alike.

  • The steps and swimouts are in the corners on the curved side and never interfere with lap swimming.
  • The step ledge is at just the right height on the pool wall and gives children a place to rest and adults a little help when leaving the swimming pool.
  • The famous Riviera fibreglass swimming pool perimeter grip rail sits just below the surface to provide support for both children and adults.
  • The fibreglass swimming pool floor and steps have a non-slip finish.
The Riviera


Amazing 3D colours from Gordon Ave pools

Bi-luminite™ technology allows Compass Pools to provide a 10 year comprehensive cosmetic warranty*. All Bi-luminite™ ceramic pools are protected with ArmourShield (an extra layer of vinyl ester resin), so that your pool maintains its stunning good looks for longer, and to protect it from the effects of long-term immersion in water. But if you’re looking to make some savings, then we also have the Vivid colour series that is still exclusive to Compass Pools, with our large colour chip technology creating amazing water colours.

*Conditions apply. Refer to the Compass Pools Australia manufacturer’s warranty for full details

Colour disclaimer: While every effort is made to represent our pool colours accurately, the pool shell colour and water colour samples on this website are a guide only. For accurate colour information, click here to contact your local Compass Pools dealer.


Imagine owning a swimming pool that saved you money, used less chemicals and cleaned itself!

Most people who buy a pool start off with dreams of relaxing, enjoying time with family and friends. What they don’t picture is the hard work which is typically needed to look after that pool – all the manual cleaning, the heavy lifting of automatic cleaners, the endless task to keep your water balanced, healthy and safe to swim in.

The Vantage operating system is a unique water circulation system designed to reduce chemical usage, eliminate cold spots and keep your pool clean of debris without the need for regular hand vacuuming or any other cleaning equipment. Watch this video to find out how owning a Compass Pool with the Vantage system can set you free to enjoy your pool as you should!


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